Monthly Cities Index Report

With a growing body of data on the impact of the UK coronavirus pandemic, this month's Cities Index report has looked at the immediate effect on sales levels and the knock-on implications for prices.

What does the 2020 Budget really mean for agents?

Nigel Lewis explores the perceptions of ‘good customer service’ for agents and home-hunters alike.

Fuchsia Homes Estate Agents

With their forward thinking approach to the role data plays in property transactions, Fuschia Homes look to Zoopla for local market insight.

What are first time buyers searching for?

The story that first-time buyers are growing in prominence is not a new one. But what they’re looking for when they’re ready to buy is indeed a new story.

State of the Property Nation 2020

This year’s State of the Property Nation – now in its third year – will consist of a series of five reports giving an unrivalled view of the UK property market.

Kings Hill Properties Estate Agents

Kings Hill Properties were looking to improve efficiency and professionalism across their 4 branches.

Tenant landlord rights changes are brewing

Landlord rights are changing, they will no longer be able to evict a tenant without giving a reason. Journalist Nigel Lewis looks into what effect this might have on the rental market.

How important are first time buyers really?

If your business is to cater your efforts to one audience, start with first time buyers. They are the one group surviving economic and political headwinds.

Home-hunters define the service they expect

Nigel Lewis explores the perceptions of ‘good customer service’ for agents and home-hunters alike.

Should estate agent still be wearing suits?

Nigel Lewis explores whether agents who profess to be ‘customer focused’ presenting as ‘out of touch’ by wearing suits and ties.

Avoiding double data entry

What exercise is time-consuming, increases costs and demotivates front and back office staff? We’re talking about the doubling up of data entry.

The effects of over-valuing property

Valuing properties aggressively to gain instructions is a well-known tactic used by many estate agents and is a hotly debated topic within the industry, but does it work?

What the qualification changes mean for agents

As the industry professionalises, what should estate and letting agents be doing to prepare for minimum qualification requirements?

Can first time buyer numbers keep on rising?

In the last eight years, the growth of first time buyers has outpaced all other buying groups and in 2018 they became the largest buyer group in the UK.

Martin Kemps Estate Agents

Martin Kemps look for a property portal that can help them see return on investment, find out why Zoopla is helping them realise this.

What do landlords want from letting agents?

We asked three very different landlords to reveal what they expect of their letting agent and why they use one to help agents enhance their services.