What are In-Search Ads?

Visitors come to Zoopla to search. So, when they get to our search results pages, they’re highly attentive and ready to click.

In-Search Ads are a new ad format that appear in-line with listings to get your brand noticed, maximising your visibility on pages which average 120m+ views per month.*

They are built in-house by Zoopla, removing any creative cost for you and designed to grab users’ attention.


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Why In-Search Ads?

Maximise your visibility
  • Positioned on the most visited pages on site which average 120m+ views per month*
  • 5 slots available per page which means increased inventory to showcase your ad

Get in front of an attentive audience
  • Smarter targeting to audiences in your local area
  • Ads appearing in-line with listings, exactly where users are focusing their attention

Design work taken care of
  • Ads created and managed by us at no extra cost that match the look and feel of a listing
  • Flexible and customisable messaging to achieve your goals

Clicking with your customers

  • 28m impressions delivered across the UK in the first three months
  • Click-through rates have more than doubled since launch
  • In-Search Ads are getting 9x the clicks of similar display ads

What are the best products to complement In-Search Ads?

  • When using In-Search Ads to promote your brand or services, Area Sponsorship will help increase your share of voice even further on the most visited page on Zoopla

  • When using In-Search Ads to promote your valuation services, Valuation Booster will help “close the loop” with these prospect customers

  • When using In-Search Ads to promote coming soon developments, AdReach will help extend your reach to highest-intent buyers with the pre-consideration audience

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