How to unlock demand for new homes — why size matters

How does the size and location of properties in your development portfolio affect how far buyers are willing to move?

Earlier this year Zoopla analysis showed that new-build homes command a wider radius of buyer demand compared to second-hand properties.

Following COVID, our analysis also signals that buyers have made space a priority in their home-buying decisions, so how do housebuilders target and engage with this new audience?

We’ve expanded our research to give you a better understanding of which other factors impact how far buyers are willing to look and how this varies on a product mix basis, to help you plan your marketing strategies for H2 and beyond. Our new report examines :

  • Which bed-counts are driving the widest catchment areas across the UK
  • Why the distance homemovers are willing to go differs from region to region
  • How affordability, size and location of developments interlink

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