A unique set of software modules to complement any CRM

Reservation Engine and Buyer Portal

Reserving a home takes up more time than ever – for you and your buyers.

De-stress your whole process with our Reservation Engine and Buyer Portal.

  • Get an off the shelf solution: Give your customers a high quality, consistent experience and that makes you NHQB compliant
  • Reduce the average time to reserve a property: Complete all the necessary paperwork in 25 minutes
  • Save an average of 14 days: Thanks to more tasks being completed remotely
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Sales Progression Portal

Sales negotiators spend an average of 60% of their time progressing sales. It’s time consuming, manual, lacks transparency – and ultimately impacts your revenue.

Free them up with our off the shelf Sales Progression Portal.

  • Connect your CRM: Link it up to your conveyancing and mortgage broker system, letting you track your sales progression in real time
  • Save up to 3 hours a week: Every negotiator can collate sales progression reports quicker
  • Generate referral revenue: Instruct conveyancers integrated into the platform – all accredited, and highly rated law firms and IFAs
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Anti Money Laundering (AML)

Your current AML solution is expensive and doesn’t integrate with anything else, right?

Add our AML solution into your CRM to avoid duplication and protect your business from compliance risks.

  • Complete ID checks in minutes: Your buyers can do what they need to do on their chosen device, saving you an average of £16k a year overall
  • Supported in 195+ countries: With over 4500 forms of documentation accepted
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