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Build trust and capture leads with Zoopla Valuation Tool, an online widget that provides instant house price estimates on your website, in your branding.

Quick and simple to set-up

Our intuitive widget can be set up to start capturing leads in a matter of minutes – in your branding – ensuring a quick and seamless integration into your company website.

Valuations you can trust

The Zoopla Valuation Tool is powered by Hometrack1, providing your prospective vendors with an industry leading house price range estimate you can trust.

Seamless integration with your CRM

Before the estimation reveal, we capture key information from the prospective sellers and landlords as leads. These leads are then automatically populated into your CRM2, for quick follow-up.

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This product is available for Zoopla or Zoopla Software customers

Easy to set-up
Trusted house price estimates
Increase leads
Close deals and win instructions

How does it work?

Easy to set-up

The Zoopla Valuation Tool is an online widget that provides free house price estimates to those seeking an instant valuation. It champions your agency’s brand and is quick and easy to integrate into your website.

Trusted house price estimates

It’s powered by an automated valuation model (AVM) that has been built by Hometrack. Built using the same engine that powers Zoopla’s house price estimate, it gives your prospective customers a consistent valuation experience – whether they use your website or Zoopla.

Increase leads

To receive a free house price estimate, the valuationseeker provides their property and contact details. Once their details are uploaded, the valuation seeker receives an instant sales and rental estimate, within a range, encouraging them to contact you directly, as the agent, for an exact value.

Close deals and win instructions

The leads generated from Zoopla Valuation Tool are automatically populated into your agency’s CRM of choice2, saving you time, otherwise spent on admin, to close deals and win instructions.

1. Zoopla Valuation Tool leads can be populated in Alto, Jupix, Expert Agent, VebraLive/Encore or CFP Winman only and you must be a Zoopla portal customer. Should your agency not use one of these CRM systems, and/or you are only a Zoopla portal customer, Zoopla Valuation Tool leads will be sent directly to you via email and will be added to your ZooplaPro account.

2. As part of Zoopla, Hometrack is the UK’s largest automated valuer of residential property and supplies AVMs for 13/15 of the UK’s biggest mortgage lenders, providing you and your prospective vendors with an industry leading, credible estimate.

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