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An independent sales and lettings agent with a wealth of local market knowledge, Kings Hill Properties were looking to improve their efficiency and professionalism across their 4 branches. Branch Manager Be Chapman spoke to us about her experience of Alto property software.

Before using Alto, Kings Hill Properties used a legacy system that had been in place since long before Be started in branch. The system was so ancient is kept crashing, and the staff were crying out for a software that wouldn’t be so frustrating to use.

New software essentials

Kings Hill Properties needed property software that they could not only rely on, but that would also allow them to work from anywhere. A flexible working environment is incredibly important to the business, so having a central system that could be accessed anywhere was of great importance.

Be says: “We employ a lot of part time workers and even our full time workers are very dedicated. Having cloud based software means staff can work outside of hours and flexibly when needed.”

It was also important to Be that staff members who work across different branches could easily access the business’ database, wherever they were based that day.

Preparing marketing materials

Because Kings Hill Properties were using older property software, their properties were only sent to portal sites once a day. Not only this, but simple tasks such as uploading photos were taking a frustrating amount of time. Be recalls: “If we took photos for instance – our old system would take about 1 hr to load photos and prepare a marketing brochure.”

This amounted to an average of 6-10 hours of time spent creating brochures a week. For Be, this meant her team weren’t working efficiently during this time, and there was a delay in getting their properties out to market.

Using Alto, this process now takes 5 minutes, and with a live feed to the property portals, everything is completed almost instantly – freeing up her staff to focus on other tasks.

Improvement in daily behaviours

The benefits of Alto can be seen in other ways as well, especially in creating letters and templates that are consistent across all four branches of King Hills Properties. This benefits the staff, so they don’t have to create and edit their own letters at each milestone in a transaction or management of a property, but also allows managers to easily spot check their staff.

“Alto saves us a lot of time with its auto-prompting letters and templates. It supports good team working and has a transparent history log if we need to look back and check things.”

This also adds an extra layer of professionalism to the business now all staff members are able to ‘sing off the same hymn sheet’ as Be puts it. Branches are now able to work together easier, and without the inefficiencies of the previous software Be has seen a dramatic improvement in teamwork across the business.

Overall, Kings Hill Properties have benefited greatly from their switch to Alto software. “Our old system to our new one is incomparable,” Be observes.

“It’s very hard to quantify time saving, but it is hours per week. More than time saving it has improved our professionalism and teamwork as branches can seamlessly work together.”

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