Fuchsia Homes Estate Agents

Fuchsia Homes operate in Ruislip. With their forward thinking approach to the role data plays in property transactions, they’re making the most of the insight Zoopla can offer into their local market.

Prospecting using local market insights

Despite only launching at the beginning of 2019, business is booming for Fuchsia Homes estate agents as they continue to profile and build up a picture of their audience base using digital marketing channels, one of which, is Zoopla. Combining Zoopla’s Valuation Booster and Area Sponsorship products, Fuchsia Homes are able to gain insight into the house hunters that are right on their doorstep.

By approaching their product usage methodically, they’ve been able to test and optimise their messaging, ultimately maximising the amount of website sign ups and prospects that they’re reaching, and when they receive a lead, they’ll then qualify them and set out to find the buyer their perfect home using MarketView, a free tool for Zoopla customers.

Taking a customer-first approach to property matching

Using MarketView, Steven is able to compile a shopping list of properties that match the prospects criteria, ensuring that he’s offering the best service for his clients and bettering his chances of turning his prospect into a customer.

Through the shrewd use of the rich data that Zoopla make available to their customers, the meticulous choosing of products that suit their business model, and their drive to succeed, Fuchsia Homes is going from strength to strength. Steven fully credits his partnership with Zoopla as an integral part of that, and as a vital channel within his marketing mix.

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