Capture the interest of nosy Brits in your area

Our latest research reveals whose house prices consumers are secretly spying on. Find out which regions are the most nosy, and how you can get your agency under the eyes of these super snoopers.

The UK has long been known as a nation of property obsessives. So it’ll come as no surprise that our latest research shows that 6 in 10 Brits* (59%) admit to looking up what friends, family, colleagues and even potential lovers paid for their home. 

So who and where are people snooping, and how can estate agents use this to their advantage? 

Consumers are most fascinated by neighbour’s house prices

Curious Brits are most likely to look up the sale price or value of the home of a neighbour (36%), a friend (34%) or a family member (29%). 

But more than one in ten (11%) have looked up how much a colleague paid for their home. And 3% have even checked out the price of their boss’s pad. The research also shows that people appear to vet potential partners by checking out their home online first. 

However, value isn’t the only reason Brits pry on other people’s homes online. 

Nearly a quarter (23%) say it’s to get a better idea of what their own home is worth, while 18% just want to see what someone’s home looks like on the inside. 

How nosy are potential customers in your region?

Romance and jealousy aside, the research also paints a picture of where consumers are most interested in other people’s house prices. 

London, The South West and The East Midlands are the most ‘occasional snoopers’ with roughly 1 in 3 ‘occasionally’ checking in on other people’s house prices.

While it’s the West Midlands and The South East who are the most avid curtain twitchers with 15% admitting to ‘regularly snooping’.

Find out how your agency can grab the attention of super snoopers in your area

Alongside piquing the interest of price-obsessed Brits through our My Home experience, the number of homes being tracked on site has risen to 10% of the total UK housing stock**, in just under two months.  

And the homehunters tracking properties could be in your area. 

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*Research carried out for Zoopla by Opinium among 2,004 UK adults, nationally representative (23-27 July 2021)

** Zoopla internal data (May 2020 – April 2021)